The SISR cover contest has begun!

TTH Literary and Production

Above is the contest flyer for the 2011 Fall Cover Design Contest. If you have reached this webpage, we hope you are interested in participating in the competition. If so, please send an email with your name and institution to

We would also be grateful if you spread the word at your institution and/or chapter by forwarding this flyer/webpage to your peers!

The high-quality printable PDF is downloadable here:

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see your design soon!

Darwin Chan, CPO & Dhruba Banerjee, EEiC


UPDATE: It is now September 13th and the theme of the cover contest will now be announced. The cover article from the Fall Literary cycle as voted members of the Triple Helix network is “The Mysterious Rise in Food Allergies,” by Natalie Christie at Cambridge University. Congratulations to Natalie! You will be designing your cover art around the theme of this article, which can be read right here.

Full details here:

You have until October 1st at 5 PM EST to submit your entry.

The submission of your design, be it photography, photo-manipulation, or digital art, must be done using the template located here. The template is a Photoshop .psd file which contains specific presets made for print. It also contains a placeholder for the cover banner. Please use the allotted space for your design. Any images that you choose to incorporate in your design that are not of your own must be copyright free or from a public domain. Stock images are allowed.

Please send your completed work to this address, with your name and institution. You must be a undergraduate.

The winner will be decided by the Executive Management Team, a panel of undergraduates managing The Triple Helix International, and announced on October 3rd.It will be evaluated on how creatively and artistically it captures the essence of both the cover article and The Triple Helix organization. If your design is chosen as the cover article, we will work with you to make revisions to ensure the artwork is compatible with our journal’s specifications. You will not receive any cash compensation for your artwork, but it will be printed and appear on hundreds of journal covers across the world! In addition, you will be acknowledged inside the journal and on The Triple Helix website!

Now for the crucial detail we have been leaving out: What is the subject of your composition?
The votes are in, and the cover article for the Fall 2011 edition of the Science in Society Review is “The Mysterious Rise in Food Allergies” by Natalie Christie, at Cambridge University. The article is attached to this email for your reading pleasure. Think carefully about the scientific research and underlying societal impacts of this article.
We wish you the best of luck! Please let us know if you have questions. We look forward to seeing to seeing your design!