The International Team is comprised of student leaders from a variety of institutions around the globe. These leaders are chosen for their vision, enthusiasm, innovative thinking, proven leadership, and dedication to The Triple Helix. Together, they ensure the continued success of The Triple Helix’s old and new initiatives alike through international and various inter-chapter operations. The Executive Management Team also serves as a liaison between the undergraduate-run Triple Helix and its associated boards, the Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors.

Chief Executive Officer | Yucheng Pan

Yucheng Pan

Yucheng studies molecular/cellular biology and English at Harvard University (’15). This year, she is focused on encouraging self-starters within TTH because we are a tremendous platform for individuals who want to make a difference. She hopes that TTH will help us tackle big challenges in the world and push us to ask questions and to embrace multifaceted solutions. Outside of TTH, Yucheng loves to tinker with her camera or mull over a good book. But nothing is as exciting as traveling to new places and meeting new people! After she graduates, she hopes to make an impact on global urbanization with a particular interest in transportation and energy.


Chief Operating Co-Officer︱Melina Gyparaki

Melina Gyparaki

Melina Gyparaki is a second-year Molecular Genetics major at the University of Edinburgh and she is originally from Athens, Greece. She is the founder of the Edinburgh Triple Helix and she served as the president of the chapter for a year. Her goal is to spread the word about TTH all around Europe and facilitate the opening of new European chapters. She currently works in a plant molecular genetics lab studying epigenetics and plant development. She plans to pursue a PhD and get involved in cancer research, another field of her interest. Outside school, she enjoys classical singing and dancing.


Chief Operating Co-Officer︱Tahsin Rahman

Tahsin Rahman

Tahsin is a sophomore at Wayne State University, studying Economics and Biology. He is part of his campus’ direct medical program, MedStart, with hopes of becoming an Emergency Physician in the future. He is a co-founder and co-president of the Wayne State Chapter. Tahsin enjoys spending his time playing basketball and watching movies. He currently works as a Research Assistant in the Emergency Department at Detroit Receiving Hospital. With a new year ahead of him as Chief Operations Co-Officer, Tahsin hopes to improve writer recruitment and expand on the international character of the organization.


Chief Operating Co-Officer︱Leslie Sibener

Leslie Sibener

Leslie is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, studying neuroscience and creative writing. In her freshman year TTH immediately grabbed her attention with it’s unique ability to blend the importance of science into the practicalities of society. Ever since then TTH has been a huge part of her life. Previously she has written on topics, such as cyber security and scientific integrity, and was chapter president of the JHU-TTH Chapter. Outside of TTH she enjoys running, tennis, cooking, and spending time with friends. She looks forward to being part of TTH International Team and the progress the coming years has in store.


Co-Editor-in-Chief︱Sofia Hu

Sofia Hu

Sofia is a rising sophomore at Cornell University studying biology, cognitive science, and health policy. She is a dedicated writer and student journalist, reporting both campus-related issues for the Cornell Daily Sun and scientific research for The Triple Helix. She’s always happy to talk and discuss ideas and probably checks her email more times in a day than she blinks. Her (metaphorical) door is always open.


Co-Editor-in-Chief︱Raagini Suresh

Raagini Suresh

Raagini is a sophomore at Wayne State University pursuing a major in psychology. She is interested in research in the biological sciences, and her current undertaking involves microRNAs and their involvement in thyroid cancer. Prior research interests include cancer stem cells in recurrent and drug resistant lung cancers. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Wayne State Triple Helix chapter, and she has served as a Senior Literary Editor. She plans to pursue a career in the medical field.


Co-Editor-in-Chief︱Stephanie Vereb

Stephanie Vereb

Stephanie is currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University.  She is studying biological sciences with a minor in chemistry.  She became involved with The Triple helix in her freshmen year at CMU as a local editor and has been a SLE for the past year. Stephanie does research in a microbiology lab that works with an infectious yeast.  She has a deep love for medicine and plans to attend medical school after graduating from CMU.   Outside of TTH and academics, Stephanie enjoys watching and participating in sports and fitness.  She also loves to bake and read in her spare time.


Co-Editor-in-Chief︱Helen Zhao

Helen Zhao

Helen Zhao is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in biophysics and philosophy. In addition to her executive duties for Triple Helix, she is the editor-in-chief of the Hopkins TTH chapter and the undergraduate philosophy journal Prometheus. She also works in a molecular sciences lab and volunteers at the local cancer center. Of the many ways in which the humanities and social sciences figure into science, she is most interested in the interface between philosophy and science—that is, those fundamental questions concerning the methods and aims of science that she considers essential to motivating scientific work.  Thus, she makes it a goal of her academic activities to emphasize the (if not practical, then theoretical) value of philosophizing.  Meanwhile, she enjoys running, reading, and sleeping more than 5 hours per night.


Chief Social Media Officer︱Jai Thakor

Jai Thakor

Jai Thakor is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Neuroscience. In addition to serving on the International Team, he is the Co-chair of Event Planning for Johns Hopkins Triple Helix. He is also involved in the JHU World Health Council, and the JHU Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. In his free time, Jai enjoys running, traveling, and networking with new people. He is dedicated to expanding TTH’s presence through social media tools, and fostering communication and collaboration between chapters.


Chief Multimedia Officer︱Siddhartha Jena

Sidu Jena

Siddhartha Jena is a junior studying chemistry, physics, and mathematics at Harvard. His academic interests include mathematical biology and biophysics, and his nonacademic interests, which he pursues with a rather more academic fervor, include cooking, playing and listening to music, and Bollywood dance.


Chief Technology Officer︱Angela Bai

Angela Bai

Angela is a sophomore at Georgetown University majoring in biology with a minor in economics. Her too-numerous career goals include changemaking in the USDA, head-chefing a molecular gastronomy restaurant, and shuttling to Mars to study astrobiology. As a member of the design and tech team, she is super excited to combine her addiction to design with science and to represent science as what it is: like, the coolest thing ever.


Chief Marketing Officer︱Divya “Nikki” Raghani

Nikki Raghani

Divya ‘Nikki’ is a junior studying Architecture at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University. Committed to The Triple Helix since 2013, she has served as Managing-Editor and Graphic Designer for The Science and Society in Review, ASU. Divya aligns with the philosophy of the Polymath, or the Renaissance Man, and believes that interdisciplinary creativity is the fuel of a whole education. She actively pursues sketching, travelling, hairstyling, boxing, radio production and stand-up comedy as critical avenues of learning. Upon graduation, Divya plans to pursue dual master’s degrees in Architecture and Structural Engineering to enrich her understanding of the built environment and quench her latest thirst of knowledge in the sciences!


Marketing Officer︱Soyeun Yang

Soyeun Yang

Soyeun is a sophomore at Dartmouth College, studying English with a minor in Chemistry. After taking too many compelling classes on literary theory, she has become interested in the human condition and its intersection with scientific research, which hopefully explains her seemingly disparate academic interests. In her free time, she enjoys watching superhero movies, cooking, and writing a nascent, anonymous blog. She joined The Triple Helix during her sophomore year and is excited to serve on the International Team.