The Triple Helix, Inc. is an international non-profit (IRS 501c3), non-partisan organization with 25 chapters involving over five hundred students from renowned universities and high schools worldwide.  Together, these students form a global society capable of producing some of the world’s future leaders in science, business, policy, ethics, and law. As a pioneering student-run forum of interdisciplinary discussion, The Triple Helix seeks to unite students of diverse intellectual interests through its dynamic forums.  We are committed to being a unique, challenging, and exciting educational experience for both student and staff members.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide students with a chance to educate themselves about the dynamic relationship between science, society, business, ethics, and law in order to bridge the archaic divide between these various fields of study
  • To inspire scientific curiosity and discovery, and encourage undergraduates to explore interdisciplinary careers that span across traditional boundaries
  • To provide opportunities for students to learn and practice writing, editing, reviewing, communicating, researching, layout and design, marketing, web design, business development, and management and leadership in a real world enterprise with both peer and professional guidance
  • To encourage critical analysis of the most legally and socially important issues in science through the free exchange of ideas within a diverse international community
  • To build a lasting social network of some of the world’s most capable undergraduate leaders as a positively reinforcing resource
  • To inspire entrepreneurship and innovation through participation in an organization that continuously builds upon and reinforces those ideals
  • To give back to the local communities through student-run outreach workshops and conferences and teach younger students on how to think critically about science in society and further their editorial abilities.

We believe our mission can be comprehensively achieved by creating a global forum for science in society. Through this forum we hope to foster interdisciplinary development on an individual level and facilitate the translation of forum-generated ideas into solutions to real-world problems. In doing so, we hope to create global citizen scientists with an interdisciplinary perspective derived from real-world problem-solving experience.

Specific programs of TTH include the production of:

  • The bi-annual Science in Society Review, a print journal analyzing pressing issue of science, society, business, policy, ethics, and law
  • TTH Online, a fast-paced, dynamic web-based publication
  • A variety of Science Policy events, including interdisciplinary panels, science cafes, chapter-produced podcasts, and local high school outreach
  • TTH Annual Meeting, including a Science Policy Simulation forum, a Leadership Summit, and an invite-only AAAS Poster Session