2013 Annual Triple Helix Conference Registration is now open to all members!

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Dear Triple Helix Members,

The Triple Helix Executive Management Team warmly invites you to The Triple Helix 2013 Annual Conference to be held in Boston, MA from Friday, February 15th to Sunday, February 17th, 2013. Current worldwide chapter leaders and alumni are invited to attend this three day coference to sharpen leadership skills, network with current and future STEM leaders from the world’s top universities, interact with professors and scientists from leading institutions, and present their own research at the “Science in Society” poster session sponsored by the AAAS. Workshops are provided to sharpen writing and editing, research, and team management skills to equip alumni and members with invaluable skills needed to succeed in later life. We will have some exciting guests at the conference that include Harvard University’s Dr. Sheila Jasanoff and TTH past CEOs currently attending medical school or elite PhD programs.

Attendees will be housed at Hyatt Hotel in Medford/Boston for two nights. Members can check into the Hyatt Hotel at 3 PM or later and should arrive at our first event on Friday, February 15th between 6:30 – 7:00 PM. Those not attending the AAAS poster session will finish TTH conference activities by Sunday, February 17th at noon. AAAS attendees will finish the poster session by 5:00 PM.

The conference registration deadline is January 1st, 2013. To register, please fill out the following forms:

  1. Registration: http://tinyurl.com/dywc5ff
  2. Pay for conference fees: https://www.wepay.com/events/2013-tth-conference

Please note that you must pay the conference fees in advance otherwise you are not considered registered. For more information or questions, contact Brittany Hsu at edia@thetriplehelix.org.