About Us

The Triple Helix, Inc. is an undergraduate, student-run organization dedicated to the promotion of interdisciplinary discussion. We encourage critical analysis of legally and socially important issues in science and promote the exchange of ideas. Our flagship publication, the bi-annual Science in Society Review, and our online blog, The Triple Helix Online, provide research-based perspectives on pertinent scientific issues facing society today.

With over twenty chapters at some of the most renowned universities in the world, our students form a diverse, intellectual, and global society. We hope to inspire scientific curiosity and discovery, encouraging undergraduates to explore interdisciplinary careers that push traditional boundaries. In doing so, we hope to create global citizen scientists with an interdisciplinary perspective on the translation of forum-generated ideas into the solving of real-world problems.

Our Team

The International Executive Team manages The Triple Helix, Inc. and oversees the 25 chapters and 500+ undergraduate students who make up the organization. Our team is comprised of student leaders chosen for their vision, enthusiasm, innovative thinking, proven leadership, and dedication to The Triple Helix. Together, they ensure the continued success of The Triple Helix’s old and new initiatives alike through international and various inter-chapter operations.


Chief Executive Officer

Hirsh Shekhar


Johns Hopkins '18

Minneapolis, MN


Chief Operating Officer for US

Stephen Yu


University of Chicago '17

Chicago, IL


Chief Technology Officer

Salman Arif


University of Chicago '17

Cleveland, OH


Dir. of Alumni Relations

Hannah Baer


George Washington Univ '17

Fairfax, VA


Chief Operating Officer

Jai Thakor


Johns Hopkins '17

Baltimore, MD


Chief Marketing Officer

Dalia Gala


Glasgow University '18

Warsaw, Poland


Chief Publishing Officer

Jessica Zhuge


UC Berkeley '17

Seattle, WA


Chief Financial Officer

Justin Kohts


University of Cambridge '17


Chief Operating Officer for EU

Fotis Chatzisaris


Aristotle University '18

Athens, Greece


Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Gokaslan


Brown University '18

Baltimore, MD



Alfred Chin


Johns Hopkins '18


The International Executive Team works closely with our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. The Board of Directors is comprised of selected past international leaders and serves primarily as a guide to the International Team. The Board of Advisors is comprised of professionals who graciously offer their advice and support for The Triple Helix projects and operations.

Our Chapters

The Triple Helix, Inc. operates primarily on a chapter-based system to ensure the broadest and deepest impact at every participating campus. Each chapter is uniquely designed by a chapter-based Executive Board that maintains total control over local operations. Chapters have constitutions, histories, and internal structures independent of international operations, allowing for a high degree of managerial freedom and innovative leadership. Chapter leaders actively communicate with the international team to maintain a continuous global collaboration.

Number of Chapters
And Counting!
Number of Members
And Counting!
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Status: Active
Chapter President: Katerina Chatzisari
Website: www.aristotletriplehelix.org
Contact the Aristotle chapter by email
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Status: Inactive
Chapter President: TBD
Contact the ASU chapter by email
Location: Providence, RI
Status: Active
Chapter President: Sarah Lee
Website: www.browntth.com
Contact the Brown chapter by email
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Status: Active
Chapter President: Jill Jaycox
Contact the CMU chapter by email
Location: Ithaca, NY
Status: Active
Chapter President: Jennifer Barbecho
Contact the Cornell chapter by email
Location: Hanover, NH
Status: New!
Chapter President: TBD
Contact the Dartmouth chapter by email
Location: Atlanta, GA
Status: Active
Chapter President: Kevin McPherson
Contact the Emory chapter by email
Location: Washington DC
Status: Active
Chapter President: Jennifer Romanello
Contact the GWU chapter by email
Location: Washington DC
Status: Active
Chapter President: Amy Meng
Website: www.tthgeorgetown.weebly.com
Contact the Georgetown chapter by email
Location: Atlanta, GA
Status: Active
Chapter President: Neha Mylarapu
Contact the GeorgiaTech chapter by email
Location: San Jose, CA
Status: Active
Chapter President: Ayush Midha
Contact the Harker chapter by email
Location: Cambridge, MA
Status: Inactive
Chapter President: TBD
Contact the Harvard chapter by email
Location: Baltimore, MD
Status: Active
Chapter President: Sean Yamakawa & Yamini Vyas
Contact the JHU chapter by email
Location: Montreal, Canada
Status: Active
Chapter President: Tala Sohrabi
Contact the McGill chapter by email
Location: Evanston, IL
Status: Active
Chapter President: Kristi Lui
Contact the NU chapter by email
Location: Alberta, Canada
Status: Inactive
Chapter President: TBD
Contact the Calgary chapter by email
Location: Cambridge, UK
Status: Active
Chapter President: Justin Kohts
Website: www.camtriplehelix.com
Contact the Cambridge chapter by email
Location: Berkeley, CA
Status: Active
Chapter President: Shannon Lee
Contact the Berkeley chapter by email
Check out the Berkeley chapter journals
Location: San Diego, CA
Status: Active
Chapter President: Rashmi Jain
Contact the UCSD chapter by email
Location: Chicago, IL
Status: Active
Chapter President: Steven Yu & Salman Arif
Website: thetriplehelix.uchicago.edu
Contact the UChicago chapter by email
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Status: Active
Chapter President: Melina Gyparaki
Contact the Edinburgh chapter by email
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Status: Active
Chapter President: Dafni Gyftaki
Contact the Glasgow chapter by email
Location: St. Louis, MO
Status: Active
Chapter President: Hark Lee
Contact the WashU chapter by email
Location: Detroit, MI
Status: Active
Chapter President: Jonathan Maksabo
Contact the WSU chapter by email
Location: New Haven, CT
Status: Inactive
Chapter President: TBD
Contact the Yale chapter by email

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